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KODAK Ultramax 400

KODAK Ultramax 400

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Type: Colour Negative Film
Format: 135 / 35mm
Sensitivity: ISO 400/27°
Exposures: 36
Development: C-41

KODAK Ultramax 400: Daylight balanced film

Ultramax 400 from Kodak's consumer colour negative film line-up is characterised by a slightly higher colour saturation and contrast compared to the professional film Kodak Portra 400. Ultramax 400 also has a coarser grain than Portra 400 and its exposure latitude is slightly smaller in direct comparison. It comes at much more favourable price tag though.

In less charming words, this film is also called poor man's Portra. It has a distinctly warm colour rendition, though not as warm as ColorPlus.

Great to shoot indoors, outdoors and even with flash.

Our films are cold stored @ 3° Celsius

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