Hello, Film Killer!

Achieve the precision and quality your photos deserve. Our film cutter is designed to enhance your journey.

Stainless Steel Driveshaft

Extra heavy Stainless steel driveshaft

The extra heavy stainless steel driveshaft features knurling for best grip at your fingertips and secure handling of film with silicone rings.

This design guarantees non-slip transport of your film, giving you complete control during the cutting process.

Say goodbye to jagged edges and uneven trims
100% non-slip with silicone rings for 35mm and 120

100% Non-slip

For added convenience, our Film Killer comes with dual positions for silicone rings.

Whether you’re working with 35mm or 120 films, these rings keep your film securely in place, ensuring accurate positioning and cutting at any time.

Say hello to precision and goodbye to slips and misalignments.

Multi-Format Compatibility

The Film Killer features cutting marks for a wide range of formats, including

  • 35mm
  • 6x45
  • 6x6
  • 6x7

Whether it's 35mm or 120 medium format, the Film Killer has you covered.

Optik Oldschool Film Killer
  • multi format 35, 6x45, 6x6, 6x7
  • double layer 35mm and 120
  • 175g extra heavy driveshaft
  • 100% non-slip transport
  • Blade locks in safety position
  • Developed and designed in Germany

Available now!

The Film Killer is available now in Europe + North America.

We're looking to expand our distribution and make it available in other markets, too.

Get ready to elevate your analogue photography game to a whole new level of precision.

The Film Killer is on its way, and it’s poised to be a game-changer!

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What do I get?

You’ll get an outstanding film cutter for 35mm and 120 films in a beautiful package – ready for Action!

Package contents:

  • Film Killer
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Stainless Steel Driveshaft
  • Silicone rings
  • Ultrafine 40x40cm microfiber cloth

Which formats can I cut?

Our Film Killer can handle any 35mm and medium format (120 / 220) film and features cutting marks for 35mm, 6×45, 6×6 and 6×7 frames.

Other formats can also be cut, though these don't have cutting marks for frame alignment

What kind of film can I cut?

You can cut every 35mm and 120 film, no matter if the base is made of triacetate or polyester. The Film Killer works with films for still photography and cinefilm.

Kodak: Gold 200, Ultramax 400, Ektachrome E100, Porta 160/400/800, Tri-X or T-Max 400

Ilford: HP5 Plus, FP4 Plus, Delta Professional, Kentmere 100/400

CineStill: 50D, 400D, 800T

Fomapan: 100/200/400

Agfa: ADX 100/400

and many more…

Does the cutter work with my light source?

We have developed the Film Killer with the light sources found on the market in mind.

During development, we tested the Film Killer with the following light sources:

Kaiser Fototechnik

  • slimlite plano LED light box 22 x 16 cm (Code no: 2453)
  • slimlite plano LED light box 32 x 22.8 cm (Code no: 2454)
  • slimlite plano LED light box 42.9 x 30.9 cm (Code no: 2455)
  • Illumina Base exe.cutive LED
  • Prolite LED 37/25 Light Box (Code no: 2479)
  • Prolite LED 50/37 Light Box (Code no: 2480)
  • prolite scan SC Light Box 48 x 44 cm, HF (Code no: 2492)
  • prolite scan SC Light Box 48 x 44 cm, HF, dimmable (Code no: 2493)

Negative Supply

  • 5x7 Light Source Pro
  • 99 CRI 4x5 Light Source Basic

Can I swap the blades and parts?

Absolutely! The Film Killer was designed with replaceable components in mind. None of the parts are permanently fixed; they can all be easily swapped out without the need for gluing, riveting, or any permanent connection. You have the freedom to replace any component on your own, and we keep all the necessary spare parts in stock.