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KODAK Portra 800

KODAK Portra 800

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Type: Colour Negative Film
Format: 135 / 35mm
Sensitivity: ISO 800/30°
Exposures: 36
Development: C-41

KODAK Portra 800: Daylight balanced film

KODAK Professional Portra 800 is a high-speed colour negative film optimized for use in difficult lighting situations. Due to its underexposure latitude it can be pushed to ISO 1600 while maintaining qualities for extended highlight and shadow detail.

Portra 800 has a fine grain structure for its speed. Vivid colours and low overall contrast contribute to pleasing skin tones and neutral colour accuracy. High sharpness and edge acutance offer enhanced scanning performance. Portra 800 is very well-suited to working in low-light conditions.

Our films are cold stored @ 3° Celsius

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