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KODAK Portra 400 (120)

KODAK Portra 400 (120)

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Type: Colour Negative Film
Format: 120 Medium Format
Sensitivity: ISO 400/27°
Exposures: 10 (6x7), 12 (6x6), 16 (6x45)
Development: C-41

KODAK Portra 400: Daylight balanced film

KODAK Professional Portra 400 is a high-speed colour negative film offering a smooth and natural colour palette that is balanced with vivid saturation and low contrast for accurate skin tones and consistent results.

Portra 400 has a fine grain structure with very high sharpness and edge detail. Based on cinematic VISION film technology, this film is especially well-suited for scanning applications. It's well known for its outstanding performance in portrait and wedding photography, as well as nature, travel, and outdoor shooting with moving subjects.

Our films are cold stored @ 3° Celsius

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