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AgfaPhoto APX 400

AgfaPhoto APX 400

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Type: Black/White Negative Film
Format: 135 / 35mm
Sensitivity: ISO 400/27°
Exposures: 36
Development: B/W

AgfaPhoto APX 400: Black and white film

AgfaPhoto APX 400 is a black and white negative film at ISO 400/27°. Universally applicable, efficient and reliable. This film delivers good results even in unfavourable lighting conditions. Due to the wide tonal range, it can be easily pushed to ISO 800 or 1600. It has a relatively fine grain and good sharpness.

For price-conscious photographers: Agfa APX 400 is a good alternative to Kodak TRI-X 400.

Our films are cold stored @ 3° Celsius

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