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Optik Oldschool

120 Black & White Dev

120 Black & White Dev

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Push Processing
Negative handling

Ship your films here:

Optik Oldschool
c/o Postfiliale 543
Rethelstr. 121
40237 Düsseldorf

Black & White film processing for 120

We develop semi-manually using rotary processors with fresh chemicals, every time!

Scan sizes:
Fuji Frontier
645 = 4842x3649px
6x6 = 3637x3637px
6x7 = 4547x3649px

Noritsu HS1800
645 = 4824x3533px
6x6 = 4670x4832px
6x7 = 5902x4815px

These are the biggest sizes these scanners can produce. They offer great flexibility to edit, to post in social media and print big! If you have a favourite scanner, please let us know. Otherwise we'll make the choice for you.

Push Processing: +0,50€ per roll.
Please indicate on the roll if pushing is needed. For black & white we handle up to +3 pushing.

Lab turnaround time varies from 5 to 7 working days.

Which B&W developer do you use?
We develop B&W film using Kodak XTOL or Ilford ID-11 at a 1+1 dilution. We may also use Adox XT-3 (as an alternative to XTOL). We use distilled water exclusively.

What happens to my negatives?
We offer to cut and sleeve your negatives in pergamine archival files at an extra cost of 0,50€ per roll. Alternatively we will archive the uncut rolls safely for up to one year.

Once your order is fully processed, you can pick up the negatives from the lab in person or have them mailed back to you.

How can I access my scans?
Scans are being delivered in JPG format as a ZIP archive (1 per roll) to download. The name of the archive features the roll ID, scanner type and film name.

Download links are kept active for at least 4 weeks.

Prices are per roll.

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